Give Back – Get Back!

Give Back – Get Back!

Get discounts on your IV ketamine by helping others!

At Edelica Health we are so excited to announce our new Give Back – Get Back program!  (or GBGB for short!)

Get credits worth up to $50 off your next infusion- just by helping others!

We are all hard-wired to feel better when we help other people.  The more we give, the happier we feel.

Now the more you give, the more you can save on your ketamine infusions!

Here’s how GBGB works:

  • Ask for our GBGB form form our staff or download it.
  • Pick a community service opportunity that resonates with you. It could be helping at a food pantry, service through your church, volunteering with children, seniors, or for any other non-profit charitable cause.*
  • Have the organizer fill our our voucher to verify the date you volunteered and hours served.
  • For every two hours volunteered, we’ll credit you $25.
  • If you serve your community 4 or more hours you’ll earn $50 off!

*Exceptions- Service should be for a registered non-profit charitable or service organization. It cannot be for a political organization or immediate family.


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