R and R during your Ketamine Infusion Therapy

R and R during your Ketamine Infusion Therapy

At Edelica we have created calming spaces where both ketamine infusion patients and their drivers can come to relax and de-stress from their hectic daily lives.

Randr infusion snack bar


R and R for Patients

While the patients are seen by our MD, Psychiatric nurse practitioner, or APNP’s, they enjoy a private room, with soft lighting, and relaxing music.   They love the spa-like atmosphere while the ketamine treatments help them safely re-grow and restore neural connections that have been lost from years of depression and chronic stress.

Our list of patient amenities includes aromatherapy, heated neck rolls, blankets, eye shades, and soft-lighting effects.


Relax and restore for drivers and patients after your ketamine infusion therapy session.

R and R for Families

But patients are not alone.   We appreciate the drivers who come in with our patients and are pleased to provide them with a space for R and R themselves.    Drivers and families have the option to stay with patients during their ketamine therapy session or may restore themselves in our Driver’s Lounge, featuring relaxing recliners,  delicious snacks, cool water, and a selection of hot coffees and teas.

We are located just east of Brookfield, on Bluemound road, across from the Milwaukee County Zoo.


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