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Why Ketamine Infusion Therapy Works - Edelica Health in WI
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Why Ketamine Infusion Therapy Works

Ketamine infusion therapy is a groundbreaking treatment that has shown promising results in various medical conditions. This article aims to explore the science and benefits

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What Does Ketamine Therapy Feel Like?

For people diagnosed with severe and treatment-resistant mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, ketamine therapy can offer a much-needed reprieve from the symptoms that

ketamine for ptsd in milwaukee wi

Can PTSD Cause Memory Loss?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops in anyone who has experienced or witnessed traumatic events. Individuals with this condition often struggle with pervasive problems of hypervigilance,

ketamine for ptsd in milwaukee wi

History Of PTSD – Has It Always Existed?

The advent of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has long been associated with the emergence of mechanized warfare. However, PTSD is not a new mental condition


Esketamine Gets Approval

If you have treatment-resistant depression, you can be among the first in Wisconsin to start on Esketamine… “This offers hope, in capital letters,” — Dennis Charney,

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